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Do Your Part to Prevent Domestic Violence and Abuse

domestic violenceChristy Johnson President/Founder/Motivational Speaker/Advocate  – Finding Your Destiny, Inc.

Finding Your Destiny, Inc. a Non-profit Domestic Violence Shelter and Prevention Organization.

Christy is an Activist for the mistreated and abused. Her goals are to serve all races and sexes no matter their orientation. Mrs. Johnson’s goals through societal transparency are to empower, transform, and rebuild the lives of women and teen girls through Finding Your Destiny, Inc. and by using GOD’S word to teach about Domestic Violence and Suicide.

On September 10, 2013, her daughter Destiny was murdered and hung in her closet at the age of 19 due to domestic violence. Immediately, she knew she had to become an advocate for other women and teen girls in dangerous relationships; which was the beginning of Finding Your Destiny Inc. and her dedication to life and happiness. She is dedicated to saving as many lives as possible and through her organization’s services and her experiences they will bring great benefit to the communities at large.

Christy  is a Mother, military wife, domestic violence advocate, and suicide prevention activist. She is also a radio host of The Destiny Show.  She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She also has 12 years of experience in Nursing & Human Resources. Christy is also finishing a degree in Forensic Psychology.

Christy believe in giving back by volunteering with the Howard County Public Schools and Girls Scouts of Central Maryland. She has helped many women in the local community with domestic violence issues, protection orders, divorce filings, and advocate testimonies. Finding Your Destiny has created an Internship Program for Coppin State University; Criminal Justice Students. The curriculum is an extension of how dedicated and determined Christy Johnson is on education, safety, saving lives, and restoring futures.Mrs. Johnson is a sought out speaker for various colleges including Brightwood College of Towson, MD. She has spoken at many Domestic Violence Workshops and has taught many Domestic Violence Classes.

As a creator of The Destiny Show, Christy has interviewed many Domestic Violence Survivors, Rape-Gang Survivors, Other Sexual Assaults, Former Abusers, Domestic Violence Advocates, and Entrepreneurs’ dedicated to impacting the communities in a positive way. Mrs. Johnson is unstoppable when it comes to Domestic Violence and bring awareness to those affected by abuse, domestic violence, and suicidal ideations. She enjoys helping women, children, and teen girls live better, become successful, and empowered individuals. She is ensuring that women, children and teen girls become empowered by being a conference presenter/motivational speaker as well as penning her first books about dealing with Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention. She will not give up on anyone because she believes in people reaching their fulfilled Destiny!

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse and need help, or if you are the abuser and need help , please use the telephone numbers as soon as possible.
Domestic Violence Line: 1-800-799-7233 
Family crisis Hotline:  1-866-382-7474
Teen Dating Violence hotline 1-866-331-9474


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