“Empower Thyself” – A Guide to Improving Personal Health and Professional Growth for Women”

“Empower Thyself” is a 2-hour women’s empowerment seminar that is all about us (women) and how we can overcome life challenges through improving personal self-worth and advancement of our professional life. It’s not enough for others to believe in us. We have to do it for ourselves, and that means having the “belief” that we are Strong, Beautiful, Wonderful, and Empowered.

Our publication entitled “Empower Thyself –A Guide to Improving Personal Health and Professional Growth.” was developed to reinforce the lecture and handout information after the seminar. Please consider attending one of our upcoming seminars on this topic as it is important to promote growth among women.  You can order a copy of the book here.

“Empower Thyself” seminar is a huge success!  Many attendees came out to hear Anne Alston talked about the 7 Principles and Techniques that can help improve their personal health and professional growth. Everyone enjoyed networking along with getting great information. Please read the testimonials below!

When you attend this seminar, you will be inspired and motivated to make a new change in your life. Others who have attended enjoyed it and told their fiends about it and they bought the book! In addition to our seminar, we also have available an Empower Thyself bag filled with great information to help reinforce your positive energies  a custom-made 30-day Empower Pick-Me-Up Flipbook, 5-set Empower Me Bookmarks and an Empower Thyself T-Shirt! that will help you and keep you empowered.

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Empower Thyself Seminar – VIDEO EXCERPT

View the video below to see excerpts of the “Empower Thyself” seminar!  Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of this and other seminars!


“Anne has amazing energy that translates through her speaking ability. She is intelligent, personable and a great resource and mentor. I use the wisdom that she provided in her seminar daily and it has made a difference in my current career.”
“An extremely-well organized event!  It was quite obvious that, in planning the event, Alstntec had carefully attended to every detail. Those planning efforts not only contributed to the success of the event, but went far in promoting a warm, welcoming, and relaxed environment for all participants.”
“Anne Alston’s “Empower Thyself” seminar was outstanding and inspirational. I was amazed at the amount of information she provided to inspire women. After the seminar, I felt very motivated and really believed I could accomplish my goals.”
“I was feeling stuck, but after the seminar I have the tools now to become unstuck. I’m glad I attended and Anne was a great inspiration.”
“This seminar is great for my daughter and her friends”
“There were women there of all ages at the seminar, so I’m glad that Anne was able to relate to many women.”

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