There are five (5) reasons why you should participate in the podcast:

1) You will participate in a unique one-of-a kind platform that provides something no other podcast host does, which is to help promote you, your business or publication to the masses via personal speaker pages highlighting you via our social media, network channels and major audio platforms.

2) Your interview will be heard all over the world for eight or more weeks along with others in the industry who are proud to share their story, You will also receive a copy of your interview to share with your network or website. After all of that, your interview will remain on our channel to further promote your business. This includes any digital and video promotions.

3) Your speaker information will be included in the quarterly BMWOC magazine. The official magazine for the working professionals, speaker, author and small businesses. 

4) You will become part of a growing community designed to provide products and services to other small businesses and individuals who may need what you have. This is what empower us to do what we do.

5) Finally, your story will inspire everyone who listens to your story to achieve their own personal and professional goals. What better way to empower our community than by showing them "if I they can do it, so can I" mentality is real.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, there are three promotional packages: General Participant, Corporate Sponsor and Business Affiliate. Our low, one-time sponsorship investment pays for the promotion and maintenance of your personal speaker page, interviews and video promotions. As a Sponsor or Business Affiliate, you are not only representing your business but also leading by example. I assure you will be satisfied with our services.

I also have a podcast, can I participate in this platform?

Yes! The BMWOC is open to all industries, talents, professionals regardless of platform his/she may participate in. In fact, we further welcome collaboration with those in the entertainment field to help promote this platform as well as others who participate in the BMWOC podcast.

Is the interview in person or virtual?

This is a virtual, audio only platform. Your interview will take place on our audio platform and can accommodate domestic and international phone numbers. 

Do I have to sign an Agreement to participate?

Yes, our General Participant Agreement is to outline and describe the parties expectation of participating in the podcast as well our commitment of providing services during the podcast season. This process has now been automated so that only one application form is required to sign up.

Are there any Refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the number of limited spots for Corporate Sponsors and Business Affiliates that hold a premium status in the podcast, there are no refunds. This is because we promote you the same day you sign up to participate.  If you need to request a refund, please contact us directly at