Fashion IndustryHow do you go from being in prison to the fashion industry? This jaw-dropping interview will have you on the edge of your seat as you listen to our amazing speaker talk about his life a young man torn between his family and getting involved with the wrong crowd.

Reginald Foreman was born in Chicago, Illinois. Raised between Alabama & Florida, where he lived with several relatives during his youth due to his mother being very unstable because of a drug addiction that led her to become very abusive. Reginald’s mother’s drug addition also led her to a lifestyle of prostitution. This unstable lifestyle led Reginald to get involved with gangs and engage in disruptive violent behavior. In 1992 Reginald moved to Miami Fl, with his father where life was much better than where he came from. However, things took a turn for the worst. At the age of 19, Reginald was incarcerated for Armed Bank Robbery and served 4 ½ years. He was released in 2001 in error.

He was brought back to prison in 2004. He was told that he was released from prison by mistake, therefore, having to serve 4 more years for a total of eight & half years in prison all together. While incarcerated, Reginald attended as many self-improvement classes as he possibly could and earned over 20 certificates of completion. During his incarceration Reginald accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord & Savior. This led to the creation of Godly Image3 LLC, a ministry/business that showcases his inspirational and motivational writings through greeting cards, play writes, and movies.Through his talent of graphic design, he propelled himself into the fashion industry.

Reginald’s has been featured on STLtv and several radio stations throughout the United States. His apparel has been sought out by those in the fashion industry who wants to showcase his apparel in fashion magazines and retail stores. His story “FROM PRISON TO FASHION DESIGNER” was featured on the front page of page of the business section of the St. Louis American Newspaper and his published  book “LIVE DETERMINED: DON’T LET YOUR STRUGGLES BULLY YOUR DREAMS” consist of 10 chapters of Reginald’s testimony of how he over came Abuse, Gangs, Prison, Suicide attempts, Low self-esteem and much more. The purpose of his book is to EMPOWER people inspire them to know no matter what atrocities you have been through, you can arise victorious from darkness. He believes God created us all in his image for greatness.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @Godlyimage3:
Facebook: Reginald(GodlyImage)Foreman
Instagram: Reginald_foreman