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***Parental Guidance is Suggested*** The information broadcast on this podcast has some  minor explicit descriptions about her books, but no way states or implies any inappropriate language.

Fighting to Write and Love

loveY. M. Sheree is an Army veteran who currently resides in Portsmouth, Virginia and author of Fantasy Island, Purple Haze and The Switch Up.

She is a proud mother of two daughters, one a CNA and currently in College and the other is serving in the U.S. Army. A graduate of Colorado Technical University she has received two MBAs, one in Business Administration and the other in Project Management. While in High School a short story written about, King Author gained attention of the librarians. She switched her knight to a female and the damsel had been a male. Her best friend co-authored a book when they attended High School together.

While stationed in Germany, she tried her hand at poetry that she sent to a publishing company that turned her down stating her writing was journal entries and not poetry in 2009.  Her spirit crushed she put her pen down and stopped writing until 2015. Mary B. Morrison challenged aspiring writers to write a book in ninety days on Facebook. Y.M. Sheree took the challenge as a hobby to pass her time not knowing that later on that year her first published work Purple Haze would release in October 2015. She now has three published books on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com, Purple Haze, Purple Haze 2, The Switch Up, and her new release Fantasy Island will be released September 2016.

In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, playing video games on her Xbox one, and she is a diehard Baltimore Ravens fan and Golden State Warriors. Known for writing Erotica she plans on being versatile and write in different genres.



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