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Fighting Your Way Into Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Marchal Haynes is an Information Technology – Cybersecurity Specialist

In my current role I am responsible for compliance, risk assessment, and responsible for maintaining safe security practices for internal employees (attorneys, records, and network engineers) to name a few to external which would consist on the many clients that the firm has.

My day consist of performing various vulnerability scans, investigations of phishing emails, training our members of the firm on safe email practices and etiquette as well as providing supporting our mobility security applications for attorneys.

I also serve as the Subject Matter Expert to advise on the best security practices, concepts and technologies and making recommendations on fits for our organization and collaborate with team members and customers to improve overall security posture of the organization. This also includes documenting and facilitating IT Security processes and procedures, creating reports and metrics to measure effectiveness and efficiency of IT Security program and procedures.  Marichal also have experience Network Control Specialist and have knowledge of various types of networking and security software.

Marichal received his Bachelor’s Science in Network and Communication Management from DeVry University, and a Master’s of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Baker University.


Email | LinkedIn | Phone  (816) 679-3723



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