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Finding Your Purpose to Live Content

purposePaul Garwood is the Founder of Strive to Succeed Everyday website and author of Finding Your Purpose: An inspirational guide to re-ignite your life’s purpose and to live a totally content life.

Paul is a Holistic Heath Speaker, Holistic Health Coach, Author, Staff Writer, and Instructor. He is here to guide you in your vision, voice, and creative power to impact your life, business, family, community and beyond. His work is dedicated to creating a world where smart and driven clients make lasting changes in their lives, nurture themselves and their families, and express their creative gifts in wonderful ways.

Paul strengthens you to feel that you’re already enough, worthy and important of receiving what you need and desire, and capable of making lasting changes in your life.

With love for life and passion for possibility, he inspires and motivates his clients to accomplish their heart’s desires and make their mark in the world through their own personal transformation. They rediscover love and connection, create family harmony, heal themselves, attract their soul mate, build home businesses, inspire communities, create masterpieces and increase their income.

He was born to do this. He was born to help people. He is just a vessel for something bigger. He delivers a message people really need to hear in this moment. You will learn How to develop the whole person, How to find your purpose and passion, and How to transform and restore your life.

As a Holistic Health Speaker he is an Academy Member of the National Speakers Association. He is a Qualified Speaker for Toastmaster International and he is a Member and Staff Writer for the Holistic Speakers Guild. He is an Instructor/Expert for Learnitlive.com. He is a graduate of the Energy for Life Coaching Program. He as a podcast entitled Holistic Health with Paul Garwood and it is presented on Spreaker and Soundcloud.


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