Healthcare of your skin is just as important as the health of running your business. Your appearance does affect your business, so why not take care of your skin? Our amazing guest speaker will give us fitness tips and best practices on how to take care of our skin God’s way and how of this is tied together.

As far back as Alise can remember, during her early years growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, she routinely assisted her grandmother with cleaning up after long days spent in their basement ran beauty salon.  Little did Alise realize that, the power of those experiences—exposure to the world of beauty culture, would be the building blocks that would shape her adult life many years later.

Today, Alise is a third generation beauty consultant and founder of Skin Care Fitness God’s Way, a faith-based women’s ministry and small business enterprise that parlays Biblical health and wellness principles with basic skincare solutions and techniques.

As an ordained evangelist, skincare fitness coach, avid researcher, and “Look Good Feel Better” volunteer, Alise has been instrumental in helping people of all ages achieve healthier looking skin and embrace “mindful Creator awareness” for positive living.  To aid in her success, she eventually developed a product neutral program that emphasizes the “inside-out/mind-body” approach to skincare. Her use of “The Skin Care Fitness 10 Commandments”, as well as “The John 15:5 Branches Solution” are key methods for taking care of the facial aspects of the Integumentary system.

Always on a mission to fulfill a mission…Alise has conducted numerous fun-filled skincare presentations, seminars, and personal one-on-one consultations.  She believes that healthy looking skin and true beauty are the results of an inner Rx that shows up on the outside.

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