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Nothing Will Break Me: Illuminate Your Tunnel

Disclosure: The views of this speaker does not represent the views and opinions of ALSTNTEC, its partners, affiliates, or associates. This podcast interview contains explicit views and opinions related about racism in the view of the speaker; and her thoughts and expressions are strictly her own.

My name is Jakayla Carrigan, I’m 22, I’m mother of two wife and colleges student. I started the blog Illuminate Your Tunnel because of my experiences as a child. I was molested by my stepdad for five years and when I told my mother she didn’t believe me so that sent into a dark space. I was only nine, when I was eleven I tried to kill myself, I started cutting myself too. I want to help people who are in dark “tunnels” come out and illuminate it themselves. I want to use my experiences to help people.


Tune in to his heartfelt but yet inspiring interview of Jakayla as she tells her story about her youth, her motivation to write books, and her breakthrough to overcome her biggest obstacle.

She speaks from her heart and voices her perspective on how society views the youth, being black, media stigma such as discrimination, segregation and hatred.  Now she works to empower people and change the minds of individuals who give out negative energies.

As part of her effort, Jakayla is pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication and Social Media; and she is working to get her published books for the world to read.  So let’s help get her books published!



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