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The Internet of Things

Renaldi Gondosubroto is the CEO and Founder of GReS Studio, a company that promotes the Internet of Things concept through its innovations to solve problems within the community.

Starting from just a hobbyist of programming since he was 14 years old, he eventually decided to venture into working within the Internet of Things (IoT) technology sector when he created his innovation to help combat a problem all around us which everyone combats in their daily life today: air pollution. This innovation was the GReS Envimo, an air pollution monitoring device which features the concept of the IoT within it to ensure the convenience of its users. He believes that business should not be just about being able to sell, but it should also be about being able to help out the community around us by solving the pressing issues in today’s world.

From there, he started developing his startup, gearing it with the vision of being able to create interconnected world where companies and individuals alike can share big data with each other through the innovations that GReS Studio develops which can help with pressing problems that are all around us at the moment. This vision has been embodied by everyone at the company, from the very first people who started working alongside Renaldi to the bigger team that he managed the company with at the present. On the other hand, his personal vision is to be able to encourage more young minds to take leadership positions within the future companies of tomorrow.

His experiences has made him firmly believe that IoT is the future of technology; that more and more types of technology would eventually orient themselves towards being interconnected with one another and with individuals, as it would create much more convenience that way. Continuous feedback from consumers and other peers have supported this belief that Renaldi has oriented GReS Studio with. Throughout his time leading his company, Renaldi enjoys sharing his experiences regarding practices and trends that he believes are of importance to develop and navigate through the technologies of today.



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