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Invincible DIVA Living to Empower Women Veterans

Carmen Nelson, is a retired United States Marine. She is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, accountability advisor and community leader. Carmen grew up in an urban area of Queens New York where her “village” taught her the importance of education, hard work, faith, family, and community service. While on active duty, Carmen earned her Master of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from National University of San Diego, California in 2010. She is also a member of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society.

In 2015, Carmen retired from the USMC after serving over 25+ years and moved to Jacksonville Fl. Carmen remained relentless in her desire to be a positive influence in the lives of others just as she was for her Marines.

Carmen is passionate about educating and empowering both men and women in their personal growth and ideal life goals. She ensures that her audience understands that they have the power to make a difference in their lives as well as their generations to come.

Carmen founded/owns Invincible D.V.A. This company was created to empower everyone to place action to the words they have already received by way of inspiration and motivation. Through Life Strategy Results, Carmen teach and coach her audience on how to achieve the life they want and deserve by providing a logical and strategic roadmap to navigate them to their ideal life.

She is complemented on her direct, firm, no nonsense approach to living the abounding life we all deserve without excuses. She is constantly sought out for her insight and intellect on various topics of life. Companies as well as individuals have been impacted by her cogent words of advice, encouragement and exhortation. She has a heart that overflows with the potential of greatness in others and is evident during simple communication with her. She lives by her motto, “I led Marines to wars and back, I am confident that I can lead you to your ideal life!”

Despite the large demands of her time from her business interests, Carmen has ensured that she plays an active role in her community through involvements with local organizations. She has been recognized by Governor Rick Scott as an influential leader in her local community as well as at the state and national level with the volunteer work that she does for the Guardian ad Litem program. Her book, The Warrior Stance will be released June 2018.

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