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The Journey To Find My Profession To Share With The World

Tonia Snowden has quite a extensive background. She was a Realtor, Photographer, and founder of a Shelter for Children, and a Massage therapist. Now this grandmother of 10 amazing grandchildren is an Author, Speaker, Inspirational Storyteller, and Independent Travel Agent.

Tonia is also a survivor of many circumstances, which is what makes her such a inspiring and authentic storyteller when she shares her journey with audiences all over the world; and it truly shows God has blessed and continues to bless her life. With that comes a responsibility to help others and Tonia takes that responsibility quite serious. Absolutely, loving too see how her pain has enabled others to gain. She believes we all have a gift to share. Sometimes we cant see it because it come so naturally for us, We overlook it or run from it.

Tonia experienced her first gift from God at a very young age. Vividly remembering each detail as if it happened yesterday, and the response she received when she shared it with her Grandmother. Looking back, Tonia was a quiet, soft-spoken child whom God definitely had a plan for her life. Like many of us, she did not see it right away. Throughout the years, she noticed how relatable she is to so many and how they loved it when she shared her story too. That is when she had a moment of clarity. Tonia accepted the fact she was in possession of the tools that others were searching for, to bring prosperity into their lives. She is a teacher, messenger, and inspiring survivor.

Tonia’s message was geared towards individuals 50 years older but since has expanded to younger generation as well. Reminding them it is never too late to share your gift with the world and encourage others to create a legacy of videos and books of learning for your family for generations.

After traveling across country alone to start a new life, she decided to take experiences and publish her first book detailing the multiple challenges she endured while creating a humble teaching guide for herself and a stepping-stone for others along with a follow up video that detailed what God did for her when she did that. Tonia says, “have an open mind, allowing the light enter and the darkness will dissipate”. Your path is lit up waiting for you.


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