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The Modern Connoisseur

ConnoisseurChristopher Crossley, Founder of The Modern Connoisseur

A gentleman, a professional, and a visionary are a few words that would describe Mr. Christopher Crossley. Hailing from Belmont, Port of Spain, Mr. Crossley’s quest for knowledge took him through Trinity College after which he landed a job at a renowned law firm, Lex Caribbean formerly known as De Nobriga Inniss. It was at Lex Caribbean Mr. Crossley found his natural talent for technology and decided to further his education in the field of Information Technology, this shift brought the opportunity for him to move his new I.T. career to an also well-known firm Ernst & Young. While there he went from being the Network Administrator to their Help Desk Manager all without a degree and solely on his character and delivery of service to the staff and clients. However Mr. Crossley’s ambition moved him forward where he became the I.T. Engineer on the Waterfront Project that now house the towers of the International Waterfront Centre and Hyatt Regency Trinidad Hotel.

After being in the field for 11 years, Information Technology no longer fed Mr. Crossley’s passion, the world of Marketing, Advertising and Branding enticed him, thus he began his experience writing for several international online and print publications such as A&H Magazine and The Couture Lifestyle Magazine. He went on to become certified in Marketing and Public Relations at the Institute of Training and Development (INTAD Ltd). All during this time Mr. Crossley found that men weren’t active as they ought to be in society, be it professional, academics or social settings so he founded Modern Connoisseur Ltd. where he would be able to influence and encourage gents to live better. He attended the Institute of Finishing Elements where he groomed himself in the ways of Image Management and Business Etiquette. Now Mr. Crossley works with professional gents that want to improve on their personal image by teaching them how to dress for success and fine tune their etiquette skills.

In 2017, Christopher became a volunteer with S.A.S.E.F – The Shirley Ann Sullivan Education Foundation, the foundation works to help eradicate poverty by providing education and resources to thousands of children and youth.

What Is Modern Connoisseur?

The Modern Connoisseur is the evolution of the connoisseur; he is a gentleman, he is a man in today’s world that has to be a jack of all trades and master of few. We are student teachers, learning from our collective experiences and passing this wisdom on to others. We believe in seeking knowledge through experiences for through exploration and cultivation do we discover and develop our mentalities, improving on our society and encourage others.

We seek to learn and inspire so that we can not only change minds but also challenge the hearts of men and positively ground them in their masculinity. To live, learn and inspire each other is the connoisseur way.


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