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Using Music and TV to Empower Small Businesses



With a creative eye and ear for art, music, and photography Willie “Wink” Kirby is the creator behind the arising Web/TV show that highlights entrepreneurs’ products, services, skills and accomplishments, called “Masters of the Hustle”.  With small business and entrepreneurs sometimes having limited funding and exposure, Mr. Kirby and his film crew has taken it upon themselves to showcase these businesses to the masses with a goal of escalating business visibility and economic growth.  His dedication to community services and economic growth has become a passion of his that will be reciprocated though film and give praises to those small business owners who deserve to be put in front of a larger retail audience.

CISE TV was created in 2009 since its inception, CISE TV has been recognized mainstream as one of the top webcast, which features interviews with the most talented up and coming Artist, Musicians, Promoters, Poets, Designers, and other entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries.  CISE TV takes online networking and entertainment to a whole new level with tapping into the streets of the everyday life of individuals across the country on their grind to stardom and success.


For those who are interested in Networking or finding out the who’s who in the entertainment world underground contact Cise for more information. This platform also gives individuals a chance to showcase and promote their business through taped live performances, and exclusive interviews with Host and Founder, Cise. CISE TV has put Artists, and many more on the map through its popularity and exposure online.




Email: cisetv@gmail.com
IG: @officialcisetv
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FB: cisetv
Youtube: CISETV

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