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Poetry and Massage Therapist Soothes the Soul

Demond Alverez is a professional Massage Therapist and Author.

As we journey though the creative mind of a talented SOUL. I write from my Mind through, my Heart and Soul. Life is an art form, so shape yours through passion and creativity. Demond Alverez was born in the heart of jazz & soul of New Orleans Louisiana. He attended Southern University @New Orleans, where he earned a BA in Business Administration. A National Licensed Massage Therapist. Touching the lives of countless people in that field of Massage Therapy.

Demond is now ready to bring hand his Soulful Creative Words to touch the lives of people around the world. Demond has been writing creatively for over twenty years. Soul of A Man: Poetry for The Mind Body And Soul was, my first creative writing gift to the world. My purpose of writing is to inspire and uplift those dreamers and give a voice to the voiceless. He followed this with the critically acclaimed Lyrical Soul: Lyrical Quotes for the mind body and spirit. A positive book of quotes, and positive affirmations for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Demond was raised in Louisiana and was surrounded by love and the arts. His love of the arts was honed in the church. Where he participated in plays, sang in the choir and discovered his love of writing. He grew up as a quiet kid, and as a late bloomer very introverted. One thing that was always important to him was family, and being in a place with great food. He is a kid at heart and has a smile to light up the world. It took him awhile to find the courage to go after his truest passions in life that was using his creative talents to bring joy to the world. Later in life Demond struggled with depression, he conquered this mental ailment by writing and keeping his mind occupied by doing things like performing poetry. Depression ran in his family and is a topic that is very near and dear to his heart. He is an advocate of overcoming his depression m Now residing in Houston Texas. Demond love’s sharing his books, motivational speaking, and travelling with the world.




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