Pre-paid LegalYou never know if and when a lawyer will be needed. From general legal advice to full-blown legal services. Legal Shield can help. Our guest speaker has been working for this company for over 16 years and she will give us really great advice on why it is important to have a lawyer as well as other information. So, please tune-in and listen to Louise Yale give this informative presentation.

It may surprise you to know I have two degrees in art, and art history, and have taught every level through college. I was the administrator at the Toledo Museum of Art. I also have many paintings in collections here and abroad. However, when I suffer the tragic loss of my mom due to a car accident, I found myself investing in a pre-paid legal plan which helped me find in the critical of time. Now today, I offer legal plans because people need help.

For sixteen years, I have served as a consultant for Legal Shield to individuals and business owners as an employee benefit. I am also a “B2B” (business to business) Certification Trainer for the top half of the state of Virginia, teaching others how to offer our plans.  I of course welcome the opportunity to talk about what we do.

In addition to the basic plans, I also have a great deal of experience with dealing with identity theft in order to help others understand the severity of it, and our ID Shield solution. Small business owners appreciate our business plans to help them with legal support as well.

Louise was raised and educated in Michigan and now resides and conduct business in Reston, Virginia since 1976  She also holds a B.F.A degree from Michigan State University and also a Master of Arts from Western Michigan University.

Anyone who signs-up for Legal Shield services through this podcast a 10% discount off their monthly pre-paid legal services and no enrollment fee.  Just contact me directly at with the subject line “BMWoC-Legal” and qualify for the discount; or visit   

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