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What message are you telling when you serve as a public speaker?  What is your target audience?

Public speakers are motivated by the experiences of their lives or driven to impact those they are speaking to. This amazing speaker has found his voice to help not only himself, but also those who suffer from being bullied.

Andre St. George is a motivation and professional speaker, trainer and mentor that has followed his entrepreneurial journey into delivering a message filled with empowerment that ignites others to believe in their own potential, Andre is also credited to dedicating his life to lead, innovate, and inspire others to manifest their dreams and execute their passions.

Also working with nonprofits and schools to empower our youth through educating workshops and hands on events to help kids find their voice, he’s focused on raising up future leaders and taking a stand against bullying. Andre not only captures his audience with his high impact energy, he also has the ability to communicate through storytelling, This has landed him a featured article in the T.K.O leadership magazine and countless other invites to grace the stage.

Remembering that your vision is what generates your passion, your passion is what drives your expectations and your expectations is what drives your life, everything still begins with a plan. Knowing this he put together what’s called The V.I.T.A.L Method: 5 principles that can help you get laser focused on your passion thus taking you from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.



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