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Serve Yourself to Greatness

serveReginald Gant is a child of God and man of many dreams who is out to serve the masses. In fact, his organization SERVE, LLC  works to teach everyone,  especially men, how to seek excellence, respect and value every day (SERVE).  He is also the author of two published books entitled, “Serve Yourself to Greatness” and “Serve Your Children to Greatness.”

Reginald grew up in the inner city of Baltimore and became a father, by everyone’s surprise, at the age of 19 while still in college studying Electrical Engineering at Morgan State University. Despite the odds stacked against him of being a black male in the inner city raised in a single parent household, he started to surround himself with positive people. Little by little, they began speaking affirmations and victory over his life. To date, Reginald is now married to his beautiful wife – Hennither and together they have a blended family and three amazing children, Diamond, Enoch and Eli. They are Reginald’s reasons as to why he needs to keep serving.  Today Reginald holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Baltimore and is very active in his community serving on the Board of Directors for local non-profits aimed at serving inner city underprivileged youth in the past. Because of his dedication and work ethic, Mr. Gant was personally selected, by his alma mater University of Baltimore, to serve on their Career Advisory Board.

Reginald has served as a mentor, in many different organizations, and is now the leader of the God’s Men, Men’s Ministry, at their church home – House of Worship in Randallstown, Maryland. As a business owner who gives back, he is very active in working directly with non-profits, churches and other organizations concerning personal, career and professional development. Reginald and his wife work tirelessly to educate and empower individuals, families, businesses and employees on the importance of having legal and identity theft protection. They have helped hundreds of family’s get their living wills prepared for free, save money and even earn additional income to stay afloat or get ahead.

Reginald is a Baltimore Ravens fan, lover of beaches and sand and is always trying to make everyone around him laugh and smile because he feels that laughter is the key to long life.


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