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Sports to Education and Technology

Renaldo Lawrence grew up in St. Matthews, South Carolina and has always known that his life was meant to be one of servitude just like his mother. After high school, where he won a basketball championship, he went on to play for Glen Dehart at Lancaster Junior College and then on to Appalachian State University where he won two championships and played for the hall of fame coach Bobby Cremins.

After graduating from Appalachian State University, he was drafted by the San Diego Clippers. Over Mr. Lawrence’s career, he played in a variety of countries such as South America, Finland, Argentina, Sweden, Russia, and Ireland. While playing in England, Renaldo ended up the 4th leading scorer in the history of British basketball. He also scored 73 points in a single game which landed him in the Guinness Book of Records. Renaldo also holds numerous scoring records of 40 and 50-point games. Renaldo also has a son who played in the 2012 Olympics for Great Britain and is presently playing in Italy.

Renaldo is a motivational speaker and currently employed at Glyn School in Epsom, Surrey, England, where he develops and deploys interactive learning resources for staff, faculty, parents, and students as an Information and Communications Technology teacher. He consults and trains across the United States and Europe on how to create and use digital media, web design, and e-learning applications in the classroom.


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