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Stressing the Importance of Diabetic Care

Diabetic CareRussell Myers is the CEO of Myers Pharmacy. Russell is the visionary that brings a non- conventional Pharmacy to our community.

Diabetic Care








Diabetes is the number one disease affecting African Americans in the United States. Therefore, in this podcast, Mr. Myers will help us understand the importance of Diabetic Care and how to take care of our overall health.

Russell Myers was born in Recklinghausen Germany into a military family, but later relocated to Baltimore, Maryland.

During his formative years, he excelled in math and sciences and immediately decided his career path would involve both. After relocating once again, to Tampa, Florida, he developed a close relationship with his grandmother who had diabetes. Spending time with her gave him first hand experience with the devastations caused and ignited the fire within to help improve lives of people stricken with this disease. He chose to attend Florida A&M University’s Pharmaceutical College in which he was the recipient of the Robert S. Scarborough award, receiving his B.S. degree in 1993. He immediately began practicing pharmacy at Eckerd, and then sought advancement becoming the pharmacy manager at Walgreens and later Costco.

In April 2009, his vision of Myers Pharmacy Consultants became a reality. He now has means and time to focus on what he knows, dialogue to help manage health conditions. He is able to meet with patients and guide them through the process to help them better understand effects of and reactions to medications. He is finally doing what he loves.


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