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Take Action! Working Towards Making It Happen



Ericka Sallee is a Speaker, Author, Coach and Owner of TruSynergy, LLC, a personal and professional development company that helps clients identify the barriers that get in the way of achieving their goals. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Frostburg State University and a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore.

Ericka is passionate about empowering individuals to seek their full potential. It is that passion that moved her to create the YouTube series, The TruWoman Show, featuring dynamic women in the community who have enjoyed great successes and overcame odds to reach them. The messages in this series are universal and applicable to everyone. She uses this series, her individual and group coaching programs, workshops, speaking engagements and other social media outlets to encourage her audience to create their best life and live it to the fullest.

Ericka values the skills and training she received from corporate America, which includes the experiences that have enlightened her to some of the challenges in the workplace. This is what led her to create programs for the corporate client that focus on stress management, effective communication and creating a culture where employees feel valued while striving to meet company goals. Sharing simple principles and using relatable stories are the cornerstones that help Ericka connect with her audience in a powerful way. In addition to her education and experience, she has been coached and mentored by dynamic leaders in the business and personal development industries.

Ericka’s desire to guide her clients to making life-altering changes for healthier, purposeful and impactful living is the foundation for all that she does.  She has received many accolades from her clients, which demonstrates her proven system for success. She recently served as moderator for the 2018 Women’s Leadership Forum hosted by Maryland Public Television (MPT) and serves as co-host for MPT pledge drives. She released her first book, Pathway to Purpose: Find It. Follow It. Fulfill It., available on Amazon. She resides in Maryland, enjoys self-care, traveling, movies, good food and wine, and spending time with her family. Rainy days at home and a cozy fireplace make her heart happy! Her faith is her guiding principle and is what sustains her everyday.