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Getting Heated Over Transformational Speaking

Transformational SpeakingLeon Junior is the Transformational Speaker & life coach for this generation. He is shifting mindsets  & enlarging territories with his “No Nonsense” message that is empowering young people across the globe.

Transformational Speaking

“If you’re reading this, you must have a purpose in life. Go Get It!” These are the widely acclaimed words of transformational speaker Leon Thurston.  life’s challenges, early childhood abandonment, educational failures, homelessness, and depression, Leon manages to live his everyday life according to one simple truth, “You get whatever you tolerate in life. If they raise the bar, you must decide to keep reaching it. If they move the finish line, you must decide to keep crossing it. You have the power to change your circumstances!” At first site, Leon will tell you that his life long mission is to activate people into their greatness one person at a time. Leon is committed to serving and leaving people equipped to get from where they are, to where they want to be in life. He has boldly set out to change lives through empowering people’s perspective all over the globe, this is why he considers himself “The Transformational Speaker.”

 Prior to deciding to become a full time transformational speaker, Leon battled depression from his mother abandoning him at an early age. It took Leon five years to graduate high school due to the unsettled depression. Leon traveled off to college at Delaware State University where he then suffered depression from unplanned parenthood. This later caused homeless circumstances that lasted for months. After becoming dissatisfied with his lifestyle, Leon became addicted to inspirational videos by the doctor we all know as, Eric Thomas. Leon watched Eric Thomas videos daily to give himself a push while transitioning from stuck to unstuck. Although Leon used Eric’s videos for inspirational use only, he unconsciously trained himself to become an inspiring public speaker by listening and studying Eric Thomas religiously. Leon soon got the chance to not only meet Eric Thomas, but interviewed Eric at a Philadelphia conference in December of 2016. Eric left Leon with these words, “You are you’re biggest solution.” Eric Thomas later became Leon’s public speaking mentor.

Leon produced his first independent public speaking conference in early January 2017, appropriately titled “UNSTUCK” where he led the way as the keynote speaker. The sold out “Unstuck” conference was held at Washington DC’s MGM & National Harbor. Leon left his audience with tears of joy and gained major acknowledgment from a few of his biggest guest, actor Gil Nelson & Thandor Miller of DC TRUST.

“I just witnessed a leader being born because now I’m inspired to learn more, do more, and become Unstuck.”- -Thandor Miller, Motivational Speaker, Senior Training officer of DC TRUST

 Leon has spoken to over 1600 youth globally with trips to South Africa and touching base at Washington DC’s Trinity University, Prince George’s Community College, and one of the top performing High schools, (Warren Buffett’s alma mater) Woodrow Wilson High. Leon has served as a business coach to 40 youth entrepreneurs and founded his own organization “The Project WE.”

Leon “The Transformational Speaker” looks forward to writing his own book, expanding his organization across the country while continuing to speak to churches, prisons, schools, nursing homes, boys & girls clubs, drug rehab centers, colleges, & universities across the country. Leon resides in Forestville, Maryland. His events, content, book updates,  merchandise, and next transformational speaking conference can exclusively be found at www.theeproduct.net

Transformational Speaking


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