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Turning an Opportunity into an Entrepreneurship

OpportunityLife is what you make it, so make something happen!  Having been fired from every job he has ever had, Richard did just that, he made something happen!

You never know what opportunity is before you until you get out there and give it a try. Richard Adams is a guy who always felt that he could do more; and that is what he set out to accomplish. Listen to this podcast, hear his story and you will see!

Growing up the youngest and only boy of the family, Richard always had a point to prove and a voice to be heard.  His family was very big on college and the medical profession; however, that was not what he wanted for his life.  Therefore, he quit school to become a barber apprentice at the age of 19 years old.  Upon completion at 21 years old, Richard began cutting hair at the Aiken County Detention Center, which led to an opportunity at Augusta Technical College as a barber instructor at 23 years old.  By 25, Richard opened his first barber shop, Hats Off Grooming Lounge.  He would later open another business called Aiken County’s Premier Barber School, ProVision Barber Academy, the first in the county.

In 2015, Richard started NAME BRAND, a business consulting agency and purchased Perfection’s Barber Shop in Edgefield, South Carolina.  Most recently, he gained his certification in Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking.  Now owning five businesses, he longs to share his passion and experience with the masses.  His mantra “Figure out what you are good and make people pay for it; they will buy what you sell”.


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