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Byren “Fuego Beats” Lloyd is a radio personality, producer, and anti-bullying advocate.

Byren “Fuego Beats” Lloyd is, originally from New York and is a radio personality, producer, and anti-bullying advocate, In 2003 Byren and his best friend Michael “Egypt” Kirollos decided to collaborate and start creating music together. After years of creating music, in 2009, Byren decided that he was tired of the way the music industry and radio stations were treating indie artists and created the internet radio station “Fuego Beats Radio” (www.FuegoBeats.com), in order to give indie artists of all genre a chance to get their music heard without all the red tape.

In 2013, Byren became an advocate for Anti-Bullying and was been named the East Coast Outreach Coordinator for the Non-Profit Organization Bully Bear (ImBullyFree.org). Byren has also launched a brand consulting and management company “Fuego Beats Media” and is currently working on a web series, which is centered on indie musicians and producers. Additionally, Byren is also working with Georgetown University alumni to create a non-profit organization that helps young adults and other non-profit organizations to express themselves through internet radio and create their own unique media platforms.


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Instagram: G: Fuego_Beats; Fuego Beats Radio

Twitter: Mrfuegobeats; Fuego Beats Radio

Facebook: Fuego Beats; Fuego Beats Radio

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