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Using Joint Program Research to Build Your Business


program researchTeresa Hamilton spent over 20 years as a survey research practitioner at some of the finest research intuitions in the country (University of Maryland, College Park, Arbitron Ratings, Inc, and Westat a fortune 1000 firm in Maryland).

Ms. Hamilton managed large scale surveys for the Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, and National Center for Health Statistics and the Washington Post.  She also helped to create and assisted with the start-up of the only center that trains government personnel in survey research techniques (Joint Program in Survey Methodology).  She also played a pivotal role in developing and testing survey questions for the 2010 Census.

As a survey practitioner she presented and published research articles in the areas of interviewer recruiting, training, staffing, and management.  Moreover, she was chair of the International Field Directors and Field Technologies Conference (1995-1997).  This is an organization of top universities and government agencies charged with overseeing and monitoring survey research techniques.

Teresa Hamilton left the survey research industry to become an entrepreneur.  As a result she started two businesses. In 2004, she started a family owed cleaning and painting business that primarily caters to Capitol Hill residents, and a few commercial groups in Washington, DC.  Teresa’s greatest achievement has been as the founder of Making It Happen, Inc. (MIH, Inc.).  MIH, Inc.  is a business consulting firm that helps people transforms their dreams into reality.  As the founding president of this organization Teresa has helped countless people fulfill their dreams of business ownership, becoming self-published authors, patent owners, and numerous other desires.

Recently, Ms. Hamilton has assumed the position of Executive Director of her family’s non-profit “Life Giving Word”.  This organization seeks to help people by providing them with basic foundational truths from the bible, and other motivational books. Ms. Hamilton started a book publishing firm entitled Imagination Press, LLC (April 2014), with her partner, Doc Wilson, Ph.D.  Doc Wilson is a leading physicist and nutritionist and has been featured in the April 2013 International “Who’s Who”.  He assumed the honor of VIP in the Health and Wellness category.  Teresa Hamilton and Doc Wilson’s company, Imagination Press, LLC seeks to help tell the stories of the voiceless in a professional manner.

Ms. Hamilton is also a self-published author of the book “Eight Steps to a Fulfilling Life”. This is a motivational book that helps people lead successful lives.  Currently, Ms. Hamilton is developing a Purpose Profile to help people discover their God-given purpose while on earth.

Currently, Ms. Hamilton is working with an African American Woman’s group called “African American Woman on the Move – “Mama Knows Best”.  This is a leadership and mentoring group that seeks to restore the African-American family and community to its highest heights.


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